The California Trail Interpretive Center in Elko, Nevada, is a pioneer history museum that takes visitors through a historical immersion like no other. Experience first-hand what is was like to be one of the brave American pioneers who first settled throughout Nevada and California by visiting the living-history events and lifelike exhibits at our museum.

Where Pioneer Heritage Comes To Life

Each exhibit and activity at the center is carefully developed to bring authentic pioneer history to life, from how pioneers traveled to the types of chores with which they were tasked. (Spoiler alert, kids: you won’t see any dishwashing machines!) With historical displays and dynamic presentations, the California Trail Interpretive Center will transport visitors to a time long since passed.

Become A Pioneer For A Day

This rare opportunity to engage in pioneer life is fun for the entire family that won’t be soon forgotten. Check out our Pioneer Trail Days and explore daily life and survival on the California Trail in the 1850’s. Or swing by the pioneer library to discover a treasure trove of American history. For the kids, panning for gold and baking biscuits from scratch is an exciting hands-on experience that will activate a growing interest in pioneer life.

Immersive Pioneer Activities & Events

Just some of the immersive pioneer experiences we provide at the California Trail Interpretive Center include:

  • Pioneer Trail Days
  • Mountain Men Stories
  • Pioneer Craft Classes
  • Gold Panning For Kids
  • Pioneer Baking Activities
  • Pioneer Chores
  • Historic Quilt Presentations
  • A Pioneer Wagon Encampment
  • Engaging Pioneer Exhibits

Plan A Visit Today

From the history buff to the novice, our pioneer history museum is an opportunity like no other to travel back in time. If you’re planning a trip through the culture-rich state of Nevada or are looking for something to do in or around Elko, Nevada, stop by the California Trail Interpretative Center for a day of fun-filled pioneer activities. Be sure to check our events calendar regularly for new and exciting pioneer immersion activities, then stop by and say “howdy.”

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