Nevada Wild Art Exhibit
Tribute to The 38th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering
California Trail Interpretive Center

Northeastern Nevada Artists and Friends
January 20 thru April 30

2023Nevada Wild Exhibitflyer Art Examples Collage2023 Featured Artists

  • Patty Fox
  • Tia Flores
  • Sidne Teske
  • Moira Smith
  • Tam Foree
  • Jordan Thomas
  • Mark Hayward
  • Micqaela Jones
  • Wendy Ehrmann
  • Kathryn Grider
  • Yvonne Colclasure
  • James Patrick Lynch
  • Suzanne Hacket Morgan
  • Trish and Deon Reynolds
  • Susanne and Gary Reese
  • Renie Irene Smith - Cottonwood Ranch
  • Lynne Kistler Southfork Library Muralist

Artist Program and Events
Reception February 1, 2023 Community Reception 1:00 to 4:00
Nevada Arts Council Speakers and the Basin To Range Exchange
*Lynne Kistler's Surrealist Smoke Painting Demonstration
Children's Nevada Animals Art Project Sponsored by NNSG
Historic Nevada Repeat-photography Program with Gary A. Reese

About the Nevada Wild Exhibit
Landscape capturing of the essence of Nevada is defined by our diverse geography. Millions of acres of uninhabited space inspire our imagination. From the Mojave Desert, North to the Great Basin Sage-Steppe, tall mountain peaks and long desert valleys characterize our state. What do you think influences the work of our artists? Scientific analysis of facts, debate regarding water rights, mineral rights, range health, development and land use? Or beauty of nature and wildlife? Each artist must find the ultimate answer within themselves.

Our task, as artists is to thoughtfully interpret and capture the essence of millions of miles within a frame. To communicate the great silence of the deserts, unbroken horizons, star filled skies, animals and cultures. The features unique to the great Nevada wilderness.

The California Trail Interpretive Center is hosting the Nevada Wild Exhibit and Fine Art Sale
during Cowboy Poetry season, January 20 thru April 2023. Our goal is to introduce our cooperative of artists, their artwork and creativity, to people throughout the state. This is a Nevada Arts Council project, the Basin To Range Exchange, which supports, promotes and celebrates rural-urban collaboration through arts and culture. The Nevada Wild Artists view their art as an open letter written by both urban and rural artists. A unique meeting of minds and hearts to create a once in a life time artistic story about a subject near and dear to our soul, our beautiful state of Nevada.

The exhibit theme is depicting Nevada through the eyes of our artists. Learn Nevada’s hidden secrets interpreted for you by her most loyal artists, dedicated to sharing the beauty of hidden landscapes, ghost towns, Overland stage routes, Pony Express re-rides, wildlife, Cowboy and Basque cultures.

Please, bring the family and enjoy the artwork created by our cooperative artists who created this unique art education outreach project. We appreciate your active and ongoing support of the California Trail Interpretive Center, and your dedication to sharing Nevada Arts and Art Education Outreach Projects to all children and families in Nevada.

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