Toys on the California Trail needed to be small and light weight. One popular toy was the buzz saw, also known as whizzer whiligig, whirlgig, monnwinder, and skyewinder. How do you think they got their names? Buzz saws have been used by different cultures in different countries throughout time! One reason for the popularity is the ease of construction.

Make your own Buzz Saw!

-3 feet of string (make sure that it has a little give to it
-1 large button or something similar
-2 sticks, about 2 inches each (small pencils will work too)

How to make it:
-With adult’s assistance, use scissors to cut about 3 feet of string
-Thread the string trough one hole in the button and out of the hole directly across
-Tie the ends of the string together to make a loop
-Place the button in the center of the loop
-Tie 1 stick to the the loop
-Tie the other stick to the opposite side of the looped string

How to play it:
-Place the button in the middle of the string loop
-Holding both sticks, twirl the buzz saw many times to twist the string
-When the string is twisted, pull the sticks apart to tighten the string
-The twist should unravel
-Gently loosen the string, allowing the string to twist the opposite direction
-Continue to pull the sticks in and out

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