The California Trail Interpretive Center is excited to host your next field trip! Our free education programs follow Nevada Education and Common Core Standards. Programs are offered year-round. Plan on a minimum of 2 hours for staff-led programs.


Field trips are offered Wednesdays & Thursdays. This includes a 30-minute orientation hike (Bring water), 60 minutes of guided activities,s and 30 minutes for an exhibit scavenger hunt. Times are subject to change based on field trip time needs.

Once we receive your request (Request form at the bottom of page), you will receive a field trip confirmation email that confirms the details of your trip.


Space is available outside in the plaza on stone benches and six picnic tables are available.

In the case of extreme cold or rainy weather, an indoor lunch space will be provided.

Outdoor programs will be held during cold, non-rainy weather. Please make sure students are dressed appropriately -coat, hat, gloves, warm shoes.

In the event of rain, outdoor programs will be substituted with an indoor program.

All programs are subject to change without notice.

For more information, please contact Evie at [email protected], or call 775-738-1849.

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