Date & Time:

Saturday 02/19/2022
11:00 am-12:00 pm


Gina Mele


California Trail Interpretive Center


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Join Ranger Gina to learn about what a historic trail is and who manages historic trails. Today there are many congressionally designated National Scenic and Historic Trails. The National Park Service administers these trails and BLM and other federal agencies help to manage and protect a majority of these trails. Learn about a few historic trails such as the California Trail and The Applegate trail. Adult Power-point starts at 11:00 am.


Activity: Following the talk, children can participate in a fun arts and crafts activity and make their own small cardboard wagon. All materials are provided by the BLM ranger.  The covered wagon, an iconic image of the westward migration, carried the supplies that were necessary and stood witness to the hardships and successes of life on the California Trail.

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