Date & Time:

Saturday 06/11/2022
1:00 pm-2:00 pm


Steve Owens


California Trail Interpretive Center


  • Childrens
  • Family

Event Details

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Buffalo Chips were gathered along the California Trail when wood for fires was scarce. After sitting in the sun for a long time, the dung would dry out and harden, making it easy to gather and store. The chips would burn easily and produce very little smoke and made good cooking fires. As part of their chores, children would often be tasked with gathering the chips. Of course, this sometimes developed into a game. We’ve created a Buffalo Chip Toss course (aka Disc Golf) in which kids and adults of all ages can toss buffalo chips (aka plastic flying discs) into bushel baskets. We have a very limited number of discs available, so please bring your own if you have them! Free.

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