The California Trail Interpretative Center in Elko, NV, is the place to go if you want to find out more about California Trail pioneers. See how and why people came to the Western part of the United States. We all know that the Pilgrims landed on the East coast and that they settled and built towns, but why didn’t they stay there? Why travel West? Come to The California Trail Interpretative Center and find out.

Who Traveled West?

The United States is rich with pioneer history. Many families living in the Western U.S. can still track their family lines back to these early settlers. Some familiar groups who traveled on pioneer trails include:

These are just a fraction of the many groups California Trail pioneers who headed West. Every family, mountain men, prospector or other pioneer had their own reasons for making the amazing journey west. We bring these people and their unique experiences to life for our visitors.

Trappers, Prospectors & Pioneers

Prospectors interested in the gold rush headed out West to make their fortunes. Some California Trail pioneers were fleeing from religious persecution. Many mountain men heading west were trappers and traders that cleared the pioneer trails and acted as guides. You can learn about these groups and more at The California Trail Interpretative Center.

Nevada History & Pioneer Exhibits

The California Trail Interpretative Center offers an interactive experience to help you learn more about Nevada and California pioneers and their history. The many pioneer exhibits at the center give you a first-person account of the struggles, adventures, and stories of the California Trail pioneers. We also offer pioneer crafts, mountain man activities, and trail days to make this experience hands on and impactful for you and your group. We make learning about pioneer history exciting and fun.

Visit The California Trail Center Today

See what the California Trail pioneers wore, ate, and did as they traveled. Hear stories of individual pioneering parties along the trail. If you’re in the Elko, NV, area, make sure to stop by The California Trail Interpretative Center today and watch pioneer history come to life.

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