Bob Pearce Memorial Digital Library Catalog

A Trip Across The Plains, And Life In California: embracing a Description of the Overland…etc.  Keller, George, 1851

Argonauts of ‘Forty-Nine : Some Recollections of the Plains and the Diggings Leeper, David Rohrer, 1894

Autobiography Of Lorenzo Waugh Waugh, Lorenzo. 1883

Crossing The Plains Day’s of 57 : A Narrative of Early Emigrant travel to California by the Ox-team Method Maxwell, William Audley, 1915

Death Valley In ’49 : California Pioneer History Manly, William, 1894

History of California : 1801-1824 (The Works Of Hubert Howe Bancroft. XXVI) Bancroft, Hubert Howe, 1886

History of the Donner Party : A Tragedy of the Sierras McGlashan, Charles Fayette, 1879

History of Utah (The Works Of Hubert Howe Bancroft. XXVI), Bancroft, Hubert Howe, 1888

Overland In Forty Nine: The Recollections of a Wolverine Ranger after a lapse of forty seven years Goldsmith, Oliver, 1896

Scharmann’s Overland Journey to California : From the pages of a pioneer’s diary Scharmann, Hermann B., 1918

The Autobiography of General Isaac J. Wistar Wistar, Isaac J. 1914

The Gold Seekers Of ’49 : A Personal Narrative Of The Overland Trail And Adventures In California and Oregon from 1849 to 1854 Webster, Kimball, Browne, George Waldo 1917

The Great Diamond Hoax and other Stirring Incidents in the Life of Asbury Harpending Wilkins, James L., 1913

Turnbull’s Travels From The United States Across The Plains To California Turnbull, Thomas, Paxson, Frederic L., 1914