To ensure that visitors are prepared for a visit to the California Trail Interpretive Center (CTIC), please review the following information prior to booking a field trip.

There is no charge to enter the facility. All programs are free.

Please have students separated into 3 groups before arriving. Maximum size of each group is 20 students plus chaperones. Each group will rotate to a new station during their visit.

We appreciate 1 adult for every 10 students to ensure the quality of our programs, and safety of students at the CTIC. Please break students into chaperoned groups prior to your arrival at CTIC. Students are required to remain with their supervised groups for the entirety of the field trip. We look to teachers and chaperones to set examples for students by staying with the group and following rules at the CTIC. To prepare chaperones, please share the learning goals of your visit, as well as the rules at the CTIC, prior to your visit.

Buses should pull up at the end of the plaza for unloading. Staff will greet you outside and escort your group inside. Please have students in their pre-determined groups before entering the facility.

The CTIC is able to accommodate outdoor space for brown-bagged lunches. Food is not available at or around the Trail Center.

During summer months, enjoy our Wagon Encampment and Shoshone Village and trail system. Students get the chance to experience camp life on the California Trail. Additionally, year round, students can explore our ADA compliant trail system and to-scale-map on our Plaza. Please make sure that students and chaperones are prepared for the Elko weather and stay in groups when outdoors. Please have students dress for the weather; coats, sweaters, hats and/or raincoats may be necessary on any day, at any time of the year. Safe footwear is necessary for the trails.

The Interpretive Center, bathrooms, and trails are ADA compliant. There are curb cutouts in the entry drive in front of the visitor center. Wheel chairs are also available.


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