Lynne Kistler is a 5th generation Nevadan, born and raised in Reno, Nevada. She attended Reno schools and graduated from the University of Nevada Reno with a BA and later earned a Master’s Degree in Art Education.  She taught high school art for 30 years in Reno. Upon moving to Elko, Lynne  became an Art Instructor at Great Basin College. An artist in almost all media, Lynne teaches students of all ages in the Elko area. Her work is exhibited around the state and in Elko and her exhibits can be seen in California, Utah, and Arizona. As a muralist, Lynne has created art for the University of Nevada, two churches, an athletic center, a private home, and the California Trail Interpretive Center. Currently, she is doing smoke drawing, a unique technique using a candle to put some on paper then bring out the images in pencil and eraser. Painting Nevada landscape is Lynne’s favorite pastime, as she dearly loves the beauty and uniqueness of the Nevada vision. Lynne’s contributions to the California Trail Interpretive Center include the mural of South Fork Canyon located in the South Fork meeting room.

Sf Mural


Loren Purcell is a graphic designer and artist, and owner of Paper Zombies Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada. He contributed the City of Rocks mural to the California Trail Interpretive Center.

City Of Rocks









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